New Faculty Profile: Helen Johnson ’16

Tessa Zink, Editor in Chief

What are you teaching/working on at Prep?

AP Biology, AP Environmental Science & Spanish 1

Where did you grow up?

Magnolia, Seattle

What College or University did you attend?

Gonzaga University, Go Zags!!!

What was the highlight of your summer?

22 day road trip through 6 states, my favorite stop was Bryce Canyon National Park

How did you spend your time during quarantine?

I curated my own recipe book, and tried to recreate a bunch of different NYT Recipes of the Day.

Who do you admire (famous or not famous)?

Mr. Meza & Ina Garten

What was your first job?


What is your favorite movie or TV show?

Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine

Favorite TV Show: This Is Us

What is your favorite book?

The Goldfinch

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a master parallel parker.

Where did you go to high school?

Seattle Prep

What was the most popular song during your senior year of high school?

Cheap Thrills, Sia

Can you remember any slang terms people used when you were in high school?

Swag, on fleek, G (“oh that’s so cool, so g!”)

What is some advice you would give to yourself in high school?

Don’t dye the tips of your hair with Kool-Aid. It takes a very long time to wash out and you’ll eventually just have to cut it.

What superhero do you most identify with?  Why?

Recyclops from The Office. I’m constantly trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

What is your favorite type of sandwich?

Peanut butter, banana & honey

What preparation of potato are you? (fries, baked, sweet potato, hash, etc.)

Oven roasted

Your intro song if you had a TV show about you

Come and Get Your Love, by Redbone

What is your favorite word?


Thoughts on Tik Tok?

For sure. I’m trying to convince the other ASC Volunteers that we should make some. Stay tuned.

If you could arrest a person for something that annoys you (but isn’t necessarily a law) what would it be?

Scraping their utensil on the bottom of the plate/bowl as when there is clearly no more food left on/in it.

What is a skill that you wish you had?


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The Scottish Highlands

I’d love to go back to…

Florence, Italy

I have a phobia of…

Getting blood drawn/donating blood

If I weren’t working at Prep, I’d be…

Becoming a food/cooking Instagram Influencer.

This year, I am excited for…

Board game nights with Mr. Chism & Mr. Ostrander