New Faculty Profile: Nate Barmore ’08

Paige Stanley, Editor in Chief

Basic Info:
What are you teaching/working on at Prep?

I am the guy who helps when tech things break

Where did you grow up?

What College or University did you attend?
Gonzaga University

More About You:
What was the highlight of your summer?

I was able to get away to a family cabin for a few weeks. I read a lot and swam a lot in a river and it was lovely


How did you spend your time during quarantine?

Playing board games with roommates and going on bike rides


Who do you admire (famous or not famous)? 
Shaka Smart

What was your first job?
I worked at a local QFC during high school


What is your favorite movie or TV show?
oof a lot of options. Community was really good. I think about The Boondocks a lot

What is your favorite book?
The Stormlight Archive series. It is very long and very good and the library has the first two


Do you have any hidden talents?
I can lick my elbow


Your High School Experience:
Where did you go to high school?
Seattle Prep

What career did you want to pursue in high school?
I wanted to be a basketball player. Go to North Carolina. Play on a Championship team. Play in the NBA. Become a champion. Retire to go play baseball. Struggle in baseball. Get sucked down a golf hole and be made to play a basketball game with the Looney Tunes against aliens that stole talent from NBA players. Win that game and get the talent back for the NBA players.

Can you remember any slang terms people used when you were in high school? was used and I still stand by it


What is some advice you would give to yourself in high school?

I graduated in 2008 so probably short the stock market


What superhero do you most identify with? Why?
Squirrel Girl. Not many people know about me, my very existence is hilarious, and I also have a friend named Monkey Joe


What is your favorite type of sandwich?

Tubs Subs on Lake City Way has one called The Godfather and it is incredible


What preparation of potato are you? (fries, baked, sweet potato, hash, etc.)

This is a trap question and I won’t fall for it


Your intro song if you had a TV show about you?

Probably the Ghostbusters remix of DMX’s “X gonna give it to ya”

What is your favorite word? 

Zamboni. It is spectacularly dumb. I like to imagine that it was created by a doofus named Mike Zamboni and now he is in the afterlife and every day he watches Sisyphus push the rock up the hill and every day when the rock falls back down Mike is too dumb to move out of the way and it hits him. It isn’t a punishment, he just likes to watch the guy push rocks and then forgets to move


Thoughts on Tik Tok?

I don’t think it is super great to have people constantly curating personas for the attention of others, but I lost the thread of cool new things when Vine took off and realize I’m old and out of touch

If you could arrest a person for something that annoys you (but isn’t necessarily a law) what would it be?
Having tasty food that they don’t share

What is a skill that you wish you had?

Planning multiple years ahead

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Back to the family cabin

Complete the sentence:

I’d love to go back to…

A time of high fives. I’m really good at high fives

I have a phobia of…
less of a phobia, but an irrational dislike of the idea of nails on a chalkboard

If I weren’t working at Prep, I’d be…
unemployed during a pandemic ravaging the economy so big ups to Prep for hiring me again


This year, I am excited for…
Well nothing is certain this year, but I like the idea of interacting with a community I care about on a day to day basis