The New Normal

Maddie Deasy, Editor in Chief

The final weeks of my time at Seattle Prep have been anything but ordinary. Even the 2020 vision could not have predicted this final chapter to our Prep career. Although the past few months have come with many challenges and disappointments, I have come to embrace my new normal.

A second semester senior’s days normally include laughing in the library, planning the perfect senior prank, and going to senior nights but the 2020 class has a bit of a different reality. A new normal for myself is waking up to a 10am in-class write with Mr. Mitchell, popping into an AP biology review session with Mr. Johnston, maybe a family walk and for the grand finale a giant zoom call with friends.

Even though this is not what me or my fellow classmates wanted I have learned a lot from this new normal. During my normal life as a Seattle Prep student I am constantly on the go. Most of time when people see me at Prep I am sprinting around Adelphia or frantically looking for someone in McDonald. This time has given me the time to sit. To do nothing. To breathe.

This is so weird for me, but it has been a much-needed time to rest. With college hopefully coming next year for me and my classmates this time has also allowed me to be with my family before I leave for my next chapter next year. Even though the family walks were honestly a joke at the beginning of this quarantine they are now something I will forever remember and miss when this time has passed. There is something about just going on a simple walk and just talking or not talking that feels refreshing and rejuvenating.

Taking the time to write this article has made me think of how my new normal has made me more appreciative of the little things. One of the things I really am grateful for is the newspaper platform I am so lucky to have had during my time at Prep. This final article is bittersweet but having the opportunity to write about things I’m passionate about for the past three years has been amazing and unforgettable.

My final message as editor is to embrace every new normal that comes your way Seattle Prep. No matter what celebrate the little things even when life is not going perfectly. My new normal has been hard but taught me a lot. So, celebrate new normals Prep. Thank you for everything and with that my final chapter here is closed.