LRC Takes on Coronavirus

Margot Gwynn and Annie Roske

The list of pros and cons of digital learning can be endless. Pro- school starts at 9:00 am, Con- students who rely on the Learning Resource Center (LRC) could struggle due to the lack of human interaction between student and teachers. “It’s disappointing being away from friends and teachers during such difficult times, especially since Prep would have been going through Olympic week and spring sports in the weeks that we’ve missed,” said Nick Pickel 23′. Although this point does fall on a list of cons, LRC Director Regina Melonson works hard at creating new programs, so that students can still receive help while remaining at home.

“LRC Staff has a virtual meeting on a weekly basis to collaborate on ways to support students, teachers, and themselves” said Melonson who plans to keep the LRC as helpful as possible through Covid-19. This helps provide students with whatever they may need, whether it be extra time on a test or simply further explanation on a topic that they are unfamiliar with. These weekly meetings will also help keep all teachers and staff connected and in touch about students plans and grades.

The students and teachers have faced many struggles involving digital learning and quarantine, but the most difficult one in the eyes of Melonson is “that some of our students are struggling with the sense of isolation from peers that results in a lack of motivation.”

It is no doubt that some members of the Prep community are feeling isolated in this time, and Ms. Melonson is leading the LRC in a movement to construct a community of motivation and intelligence; simply building on what the Prep student and teachers already have.

“Every time we get to visit with one of our students or colleagues through a virtual meeting it is so rewarding.” said Melonson, referring to the easiest part of the quarantine. Although a simple and seemingly obvious statement, it does speak to some truth. Yes, Zoom and Teams virtual classes can be somewhat dreaded by students, but it is no secret that everyone enjoys seeing teachers faces and hearing other classmates’ voices.

As the LRC is a family within the Prep community, it is easy to assume that going months at a time without seeing each other is difficult for everyone involved. Melonson accurately conveys every student and teacher  is greatly missed during these isolated and trying times. “We miss our student and colleagues” said Melonson, referring not only to the staff and students of the LRC, but also the greater community of Seattle Prep.