Prep Takes After McKinley High, Creates New Glee Club


The Glee Club gathers in the choir room at lunch. Ian Orejana ’22 performs “I See the Light” from Tangled.

Margot Gwynn and Annie Roske

Calling all Gleeks! Seattle Prep students Jane Broderson ‘21, Maya Dawson ‘21, and Sophie Walters ‘22, have taken inspiration from McKinley High School and have started the first ever Glee Club for the 2019-2020 school year. Officiated by Music Director Mr. Weeks, the Glee club meets once every two weeks and presents a theme with the expectation that students prepare a song in accordance with the weekly inspiration to perform at the next club meeting.  

            Jane Broderson describes herself as an “avid fan of the TV show”, however she never  got the idea to start the club before November. After auditioning for the Musical and not getting cast, her dad recommended she start a Glee Club, since he was aware of how much his daughter admired the Fox show. Soon after, she suggested this idea to both Maya and Sophie, who both saw the bold idea as an opportunity to open the doors of Glee to the rest of the Prep community. “I love singing, I think a lot of people love singing” says Broderson, “it’s just a place where you can express yourself.”

            Just like the Original Glee Club, Prep’s Glee club meets on Thursday at lunch, every two weeks and selects a theme until the next time they meet. These performances are not formal competitions, like featured in the show. “It’s a performance among friends” says Mr. Weeks. These meetings aren’t a time to impress faculty or other students, but a time to enjoy some of their favorite songs amongst 30 of their closest friends and classmates. The environment is a pressure free, casual, and low stakes community of people who all share a common love of music, singing, and most importantly: Glee!

            Although now the club is a recently formed group of students who sing for each other, club leaders Jane, Maya, and Sophie have hopes it will become more than that. As a long term goal, the leaders hope to see more students joining and more people experiencing the real-life version of the TV show.