The Start of Football Season Excites Panther Pack

Piper Wood, Staff Writer

Football season has just begun and Seattle Prep students are hyped about games, themes, and other fun activities surrounding the spirit of our school and Panther Pride.  This year, Panther Pack has a new leader and he is super excited about leading the Pack, which in turn excites the students about new exploits to come for the season.

Panther Pack is a student led “spirit squad” that creates cheers, excites students at games, and ensures the team on the field is ready to win from energy on the sidelines.  Señor Martin, the new advisor, has a long history in spirit and football.  It all started with his high school team going to state.  Then, leading into his first WSU football game, it amplified the suspense of the outcome times 100, and made him enthusiastic about the art of cheering.  He believes there should be elements of physical handouts, like towels, that can get the crowd amped up to cheer for Seattle Prep’s team. He “loves the aspect of getting the crowd into the action of the next play,” which in the future can make more people urged to learn about how the game works.

Panther Pack is all about pride and love for your school.  With Panther Pack, it “honors the tradition and culture of Seattle Prep, while also creating new, fun aspects to the cheering squad to multiply the energy at games”, Sr. Martin said.

Seattle Prep’s atmosphere is a great place for developing new and creative ways to get inspired and Panther Pack is only one of them!  Since these events are made to be social, making the games enjoyable means uniting together to energize the crowd and the field.  To merge with the Pack, one must be determined, proud, and enthusiastic about our school and be prepared to cheer a heart out at the games.  If a student saw Panther Pack at a game and wanted to be a part of it, let them know to email Ms. White, Sr. Martin, or Mr. Elsner to apply to become a part of the Pack!