Lico Athletic Center Opens to Students

Center boasts new training room, locker rooms, Hall of Fame and more


Nick Pickel

The newly renovated lobby of the Lico Athletic Center.

Annabelle Deasy, Freelance Writer

Five months ago, the Seattle Prep locker rooms was a somber, small space where students’ belongings would be thrown about, but now the opening of the new gym lobby and locker rooms has the school has buzzing with excitement. The theme for this update is level the field and raise the bar, and this was used to raise money for the remodel and inspire the construction. Seattle Prep was an all-boys school up until the 1970’s when it finally became coed. When this change occurred a girl’s locker room was added to campus, but it was in no way equal to the boy’s locker room that had been there before it. Mr. Elsner Athletic Director and Head Coach of the girls’ basketball program at Seattle Prep said, “A major reason for this remodel was equality in female and male athletes at Prep.”

Mr. Elsner, believes not only his athletes, but all female athletes should have the same facilities as the boys. Both locker rooms are now equipped with bigger lockers, six showers, five bathroom stalls, water fountains, cages for oversize equipment, and an area for teams to watch their performance on a screen. Not only are these locker rooms bigger, but they are also much cleaner and organized. The old locker rooms with their blue and orange lockers, did not represent prep and the image it strives for. The locker rooms now have grey lockers and white paint that give off a clean view that show who Seattle Prep is. Speaking to many athletes at Prep who have experienced the former locker rooms they are looking forward to a cleaner and larger space where their items can be safely stored.

Senior Tess Johnson said, “I can’t wait to be able to drop a chip on the floor, then eat it.”

Not only are the changes in the locker rooms significant, so are many new additions to the gym lobby and training room. The gym lobby goes with the raise the bar theme of the remodel and it really shows. The school’s goal was to display the current aspect of the school athletics and the historical aspect. A major part of the historical section in the gym lobby is the hall of fame. This display is in complete view of everyone who walks through the hall. With the wood paneling and carved names, the hall of fame truly shows the identity of prep and the importance of not only the current students, but the alumni. Another new addition to the space that shows the identity of this school is the touch screen in the hall of fame. On this new TV anyone is able to view current sports stats, games of the day, and all the sports records of Seattle Prep from the beginning.

Sophomore Braedan Smith of the boys’ varsity basketball team said, “When basketball season comes around and all the parents get to see the gym lobby, I can’t wait to hear their reactions.”

All the current Prep athletes and Head Trainer Kate Madison are also looking forward to a new trainer’s office. This new room is equipped with more benches, space for students, and equipment. Last year students waited in the hall outside the trainer’s office for long periods of time simply waiting to get and ankle wrapped, or something checked out by Madison. This year that issue should not occur with all the new space and supplies provided in the training room.

“I’m looking forward to getting to use a much bigger and functional space that better suits the needs of our student athletes,” said Jack Velling of the varsity football team. Students of every grade and sport are ready for a future with a space that will fulfill everyone’s needs. The goal of this new space was to simply serve students and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations.