2020 Takeover Starts with New ASB

Maddie Deasy, Staff Writer

The year is coming to an end which means the preparation for the next year and the class of 2020 takeover has begun. This starts with the ASB elections. This year the student body executives are the four fearless seniors Grace Weiand ‘20, Jacqueline Williams ‘20, Jack Stoner ’20 and Juliana Bernal ’20. This year we have a stellar group of students taking a hold of the student body with student body president Grace Weiand ’20 leading the way. Weiand ’20 says that she is “really enthusiastic about participation in school events, so I hope that I can encourage the student body to get out there and be spirited!”

Weiand’s number one goal for the year she says is “to increase dance attendance, especially concerning upperclassmen. ASB works super hard to make dances as fun as possible, so it’s really disappointing to see people miss out.”

As well as new student body executives Prep is also gaining some fantastic new class officers this year. New senior class president Christine Mah ’20 is ecstatic to be representing the class of 2020 during her senior year. Christine says that she ran for student council because “ASB seemed like a great leadership opportunity and way to get involved in the Prep community. I love my class, and I think the ability to represent and speak for it is a privilege.”

Her true motivation however and of course most inspiring reasons for devoting her entire senior to ASB is wanting to know what it would feel like to roll up that big floor cover in the gym. Mah states that “ever since we switched from carpet squares to that giant gray tarp that smells like rubber, I’ve been itching to get my hands on it. To me, being on ASB was the most effective route for fulfilling this wish.”

As seen by future senior class president Christine Mah’s ’20 stellar and pure motivations for running the Seattle Prep community will be excellent hands next year. Another leader who will be representing his class next year is future sophomore class president Max Tran ’22.

Tran is beyond excited to be leading his fellow frosh out of the struggle that is freshman year and into the brand-new and exciting adventure that is sophomore year. His favorite assembly he says, “is for sure the Olympic Week assembly’s” and he can’t wait to lead them with his fellow class representatives including John O’Donnell ’22. O’Donnell is a one-year veteran of ASB and frosh Olympic week volleyball star is happy to be back for round two.

From sophomore to seniors the new ASB is ready to take charge of Seattle Prep and can’t wait to see what the new year and new freshman can bring to the Seattle Prep community.