Dungeons and Dragons and Friends


Abby Arthur

Seattle Prep Dungeons and Dragons Club meets on May 10th. D&D Club gives students a chance to play the popular RPG, but also to make friends and bond between grade levels.

Hobbs Hegedus and Beni Jurion, Staff Writer

There are many multiplayer board games out there, but one has been considered superior and has been played for over four decades. Dungeons and Dragons was created by TSR in 1974. Since its creation it has many adaptations and updates, and a mass gain in its player base. D&D, as it is more commonly referred to, has approximately 20 million active players in 2004. Specifically in Seattle, D&D is widely popular among teenagers and young adults. This popularity is shown in the D&D club at Prep, as there are over 30 members! This is partly because of the game’s focus on collaborative storytelling and RPG (role playing game) elements. Also, some Dungeons and Dragons players enjoy taking the game off the table with cosplaying as their favorite fantasy character at major conventions such as Comic-Con. Even so, this collaborative game still has a place in the break rooms of major corporations, such as Microsoft which has major annual D&D events where many young employees take part in.

Due to the collaborative storytelling required in the game, D&D is generally considered therapeutic, by many therapists and doctors, making it an attractive game for after-school clubs and summer camps. D&D club member, freshman Jack Shoemaker, believes that the game helps by “Being a good creative outlet for writing.” This is evident by all the story building and character creation that occurs in a game, especially for the dungeon master, a role in D&D, who is required to build an immersive world and story.

At Seattle Prep there is a club for just these fans. The club is not only a great place for playing D&D, but also a great place for bonding and friendships to form between all grades. Jack Shoemaker believing “It’s a really collaborative atmosphere that I really enjoy being a part of.” For the small amount of time this clubs meets, about once a week, the members greatly enjoy and can’t wait for the next incursion with the club. This small yet vibrant community at Prep is always welcoming and allows any fellow D&D players to join during the year. This small tight knit group may not be the largest club but is action packed and is a great inspiration for aspiring writers or if you want to tap back into that childhood creativity, then do not be afraid to join the D&D club. To join the club, all you need to do is ask a member for the location of the next meeting and show up.