Alex Baker: Sisterhood of Softball


Seattle Prep Yearbook

Alex Baker batting at a Seattle Prep Softball game. Baker is a two season athlete with a great batting average.

Cece Brown , Staff Writer

“Alex is my favorite sister, Alex is the founder of the sisterhood of softball,” Fiona Killalea ’20.

Alex Baker, one of the captains on the Seattle Prep Softball Team, is graduating this year, but not without leaving a legacy behind. Starting the sport at a young age she led her team to the city championship twice. She played the sport for six years before high school but resumed playing the sport her junior year. When asked what she thinks of Alex, Cate McNett ‘21 said “She brings a lot of spunk to the team and is always there to root us on when we’re down on ourselves. She’s an awesome leader and anyone who gets close with her is super lucky.”

She was described by many of her teammates as positive and a true supporter of the team. As the founder of the sisterhood, she has an even bigger leadership role on the team than just being captain. The sisterhood is described as “being like a family, we are all super close like sisters,” says Carolyn Kounellas ‘21.

As a starting left fielder, Alex is always catching the ball, and is known for her great arm and being able to throw really far. She is a leader on and off the field with her friendliness and openness towards others: “Alex is always the person I go to when I need advice. We have an outfielder’s squad and she is somebody I look up to on the team” Reese Dubicki ‘21.

She always is able to adapt and continue learning during her games, as she described a time when she wasn’t batting as well as she would have liked: “Two days ago I was at bat and I hit the ball and it didn’t go as far as it was supposed to. My technique was off, and I went and talked to my coaches and then I adjusted. I went back up to bat and got a double and triple RBI at the next bat.”

She sets a great example on and off the field for the girls on the team. The team will not be the same next year, but her positivity and support has left an everlasting mark on the Seattle Prep Softball Team.