ASC: Where are They Now

Audrey Frigon, Managing Editor

The Seattle Prep Alumni Service Corps is entering its second year of existence. After the great success of last year’s group, it looks like the ASC will be a Prep tradition that will continue for many years to come. Seattle Prep students will be seeing a new set of faces around the school, taking on the roles of those who have moved on from Seattle Prep for the second time, but some may wonder what the members of service corps past are doing now.

Recalling her time leading up to the Alumni Service Corps, Hannah O’Brien ’13 didn’t know what to expect. “We were the first cohort, so we didn’t really get to see what the program would be like before it started,” she said. She expected to form a community in Seattle Prep but didn’t know how the year would go.

Similarly, Kathryn Barth ’13, did not have any distinct expectations for the program. She, however, was prepared for a lot of self-reflection and community building as is fundamental to a Jesuit community.

O’Brien was happily surprised with not only the community she became a part of but by how much she learned about herself. She said of her newfound self-awareness that “It taught me that I need to incorporate intentional time in my week to seek out community in whatever form that is taking in my life.” She said the program teaches you a ton about communication and valuing others. O’Brien is very grateful for her unique experience and the lessons she has received from it: “I am a more reflective person for having gone through the ASC program and strive to seek the magis in all areas of my life”.

O’Brien is currently teaching biology at Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett and hopes to complete a master’s education in the years coming.

After her time at Prep, Emily Aleinikoff ’13 is moved to San Juan Island over the summer to continue living out the Jesuit message. She is currently coaching girls cross country at Prep and will lead the Crew for the Freshman Retreat. Aleinikoff has hopes to work on international health and to do so is traveling internationally this winter and is applying for nursing classes. 

Since leaving Seattle, Kathryn Barth has been attending a graduate program at Yale University. She aims to get a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and gain additional lab and teaching experience. She is testing out different labs to see where she may want to work in the future.

Alec Meden ’13 is currently working at Seattle Nativity School. He teaches art, PE, and helps in other aspects around the school. His ultimate goal is to become a writer and is working on screenplays with colleagues and a book in his free time.

These four incredible people had a life-changing experience at Prep and are well on their way to their goals. They will always be a part of the Seattle Prep community and the Seattle Prep community is so excited to see where life takes them.