Dr. Beyer Takes Final Bow at Prep


Dr. Beyer works with students on the school musical. Beyer is retiring after 25 years at Seattle Prep.

Cece Brown and Paige Stanley

Dr. Beyer has taught at Prep for 25 years and has made a lasting impact through his connections with the students at Prep. He has written an impressive four symphonies, twenty songs for solo voice, chorus and orchestra, three flute sonatas, 20 choral anthems, as well as an opera, a passion, a mass, a piano trio, and a new brass quintet that was just performed on March 24. These are in addition to the tremendous amount of work he has done in the Seattle Prep community.  

When he first came to Prep, there was a Window choir that only had seven people in it. Now the program has grown to an 85-person choir throughout his time here at Prep. Dr. Beyer was able to change and influence Prep’s view on music and the world of teaching it. He has added classes that involve the entire school, such as Music in the Movies and History of Rock and Roll. He currently teaches 10 classes with a variety of students and grades. Classes such as History of Rock and Roll were created because he grew up surrounded by rock and roll and loves it. When asked why he created this class, he said that “It’s better to teach students to deepen their knowledge of something that they already like. This will stick with them in the future.”  

Dr. Beyer has taught hundreds of students by spreading his passion for music and by expressing that you don’t have to be a “musical person” to enjoy singing and listening to music. While spreading his joy for music, Dr. Beyer has learned a lot from the students at Prep as well. He said his students have taught him, “The real fun and excitement that comes with singing in a group whether it is in choir or a musical. There is real joy there and the students have given me that. Also, in my other classes I learn about new pop artists and songs and new movies with cool soundtracks.”  

Dr. Beyer is grateful for his Prep experience specifically because he was given the opportunity to create his own classes which he wrote the content for. He is also grateful that at Prep he could express his spirituality. His first period classes all know not to come in the classroom until 7:40, because he is in the classroom practicing his meditation/prayer discipline. When reflecting on his time at Prep, Dr. Beyer says that his favorite part is, “the energy and the good will among everybody.”  

When remembering his time at Prep, Mr. Beyer recalls his favorite experiences and memories. He has directed dozens of choir concerts and musicals, listed his favorites as, last year’s Christmas concert with the light sabers, some of the musicals such as West Side Story, Les Misérables and this year’s Newsies, and the first Christmas concert in the new theatre: “it was so full that people were standing and sitting in the rafters.”  

As the curriculum in Dr. Beyer’s classes has continued to evolve, he hopes that the music program at Prep will as well. Even though Dr. Beyer will not be working with music at Prep, he confirms that he will continue to compose after leaving Prep. The Prep community is grateful for the growth of the music program as well as the one of a kind energy that Dr. Beyer brings to the choir and presence at Prep.