Max Heid Prepares to Continue His Rowing Career at UW


Abby Arthur

Rower Max Heid ’19 practices on Lake Union. Heid will row at The University of Washington next year.

Owen Hendricks, Staff Writer

Seattle Prep Senior, Max Heid, has made headlines this past month attending the U19 National Selection Camp for rowing.  Heid began his rowing career when he was eight years old at the Seattle Rowing Center and Heid said that “starting at a young age has really helped me learn special techniques and skills that have given me a head start in my high school rowing career.”  During his Freshman year, Seattle Prep started a crew program and Heid was given the opportunity to be on the first rowing team ever for Seattle Prep.  Through his time at Seattle Prep, Heid has raced in many different boats consisting of single, pair, quad and eight man; however, he was most successful when he raced in singles and placed 2nd at Regionals and 10th at Nationals in his Junior year.  As Heid looks on to his future in rowing I was given the chance to interview him on future plans and goals.

Owen: What made you decide to row crew at such a young age instead of doing other sports that were more common for grade schoolers.

Max: My parents were the main reason why I got into the sport.  My mom rows even to this day and my dad is a crew coach so they really encouraged me to begin my career in rowing.

Owen: What was it like competing at the Youth Olympics and are you looking to compete in similar events in the future?

Max: The youth Olympics was one of the greatest experience of my life. It was amazing getting to race against some of the best rowers in the world, but the best part was getting to meet other athletes from all over the world that I never would have met if not for the youth Olympics.

Owen: With college just around the corner which colleges and programs are you interested in and which ones have reached out to you?

Max: I will be attending the UW to row. I look forward to rowing for a team that has been extremely success and has a rich history.

Owen: What is your personal goal for rowing?

Max:  I came into rowing never setting any achievement goals.  For me my only goal is to try my hardest and to hopefully continue loving the sport and see where the road takes me.

Owen: Do you play any other sports, or do you focus solely on rowing?

Max: All of my time right now is focused on rowing but this summer I hope to start competing in more triathlons up and down the west coast.

Owen: In the future do you think you will row singles, pair, quad, or crew?  Which type is your favorite?

Max: The single will always be my favorite boat because you also know you earned each and every victory and if you lose, there’s no one else to blame but yourself.