So Long Surface

Audrey Frigon, Managing Editor

After almost a year with the Surfaces, Seattle Prep has decided to return to iPads. Despite the Surfaces being specialized for work, iPads were more well-received by the Prep community and have been missed over the past year. Prep students and teachers alike have complained about the inconvenience and constant issues created by the Surfaces.

Technology specialist, Nate Barmore complains of being flooded with issues that he continuously needs to fix. He says, “easier access to Microsoft Word is not worth the hours I spend fixing Surfaces”.

Mr. Stearns has been hounded with complaints and says the Surfaces have been “unreliable and create more issues than solutions”. He has received so much criticism and objection to the Surfaces from parents and students alike that he feels he has no option but to make the switch.

Prep students are rejoicing at the news. Lilian Brendlinger ’20 says, “I’m super happy about switching back to iPads, I can finally go on Snapchat during school again”. She says she often struggles with the Surface, especially with Microsoft Word because of its continuous deletion of her work and is “genuinely sick of the problems with Surface”.

Some students are more blunt with their dislike of the Surfaces. Maeve Conaty ’20 comments, “I do not like the surfaces at all, they do not work, I hate them”. She says that the Surfaces were very annoying especially since they had the ability to restrict and monitor what students were doing with the use of apps like ClassPolicy.

Thomas Bucker ’19 misses some features of the iPad that the Surface does not have. He says, “I don’t like how we can’t play games”.

              Freshmen, like Jake Sype ’21, are confused with the change because Surfaces are all they have known at their time at Prep but are open to the switch. Sype says, “I have never had an iPad, but I think it would be cool”. However, he does have concerns about how difficult it may be to type on the iPad.

              Overall, the students and faculty of Seattle Prep are excited for the shift back to the iPad and can’t wait to say sayonara to their Surfaces.