What’s New About the Class of 2022?

Maddie Deasy , Staff Writer

It’s a new year which means a new bunch of small, scared, and smiley 14 and 15 years old have joined the Prep community. Each year the freshman classes have their common traits such as standing in large herds in inconvenient places or not knowing which side of the stairs is the right side to walk on, but the real question is what makes this freshman class special? What are the quirks and characteristics that will define this class here at Seattle Prep?

As a freshman Collegio teacher Ms. Dotsey has had an opportunity to see members of the class of 2022 every day since they walked into Prep on orientation in late August. Dotsey comments that she has seen “all kinds of leadership potential in them—including the kind that’s willing to speak up and be in front, and also the hardworking, behind-the-scenes kind.”

This class seems to have a wide variety of personality types and this shows in their ability to lead in a variety of ways. Gonzaga book club leader Mr. Butler that his first impression of this class was quiet compared to past years but having “a lot of potential as leaders.”

Butler that the frosh are adjusting nicely “other than the occasional OneNote, or technology snafu. “He is curious and hopeful about what this class can bring to Prep in the upcoming years, the teachers here have great insight of what the class of 2022 is like in the classroom, but only fellow students can truly give a sense on how the frosh are outside of the classroom and even how they are at home. Siblings of 2 of two fantastic freshman, Grace Brant 20’ and Kate Shigo 20’ give there two sense on the class of 2022. Brant states that she has seen her sister Lauren and her fellow frosh have shown to be “a very fun and spirited class who enjoy participating in classic Prep activities such as assemblies and participating in sports from soccer to swim team.”

She says that from what she has seen the freshman may not be 100% used to Prep yet but they are constantly putting their best foot forward. Kate Shigo states that her sister Ella “has started to find her niche at Prep” although it has been difficult at times.

Shigo states that although the class of 2022 has areas they need to improve on such as partaking in the cheers at football games and not completely taking over the halls she believes that this class has potential to pretty great things here at Prep. So, although the class of 2022 may have some flaws, it seems as if this class contains the ability to be leaders here at Prep and truly put their mark on Seattle Prep. Watch out Prep, the class of 2022 seems like the class to watch.