Students Find Competition, Success in Window Classes

Tessa Zink, Staff Writer

This year has been great for Prep through its success in academics, athletics, spiritual growth, and, most importantly for the window classes. At the beginning of each year, students attend the Window “Fair” where they can choose what class to do during the window period. Many window classes were extremely successful in completing and competing in different events and activities this year.

Film Club created several things this year, including an Olympic week video, a Secrets of Prep video, and collaborating with Journalism to create several videos.
“One thing I really liked was being able to collaborate with other clubs and meeting lots of new and interesting people,” said Noah Hansot ’21.

Film Club is a great environment for those who enjoy showing and incorporating their artistic abilities into their work, those who love to film and edit videos, as well as those who enjoy meeting new people as it “attracts and is home of a wide range of people,” says Matthew Chen ’20.

Another artistic and creative window class is Jazz Dance. The class has covered a wide variety of dance styles from jazz, tap, modern, lyrical, musical theatre, acrobatics, hip hop, and ballet concepts and ideas. Freshmen Maya Dawson says, “it’s a great creative outlet for all of us,” Grace Tawatao ’21 adds on “and all of the students get a chance to lead, as we come form a wide variety if dance background.” The class works on a variety of styles and learns several of routines throughout the year.

The Mock Trial Green Team was 3rd in Districts for the first time in Seattle Prep history. Junior Varsity came in second and the Varsity team came in fourth place. The team works every window period and occasionally after school. Overall, they had a successful year, Junior Varsity placing second in state.

“I love art and its something I have been doing something my whole life, and art window is an opportunity for students, especially those who don’t have a lot of time to do art outside of school,” said Georgia Stolpman ’21. Art Window lets students have complete creative freedom from sketching, to painting. Mrs. Dold provides you with all the materials you need from anything digitally to spray painting. Stolpman continued saying “Mrs. Dold is always here to support you and your art career.”

The Robotics Club has also been a valuable member of the Prep community, as it has attended and represented Prep through numerous competitions during the year. They have built several different robots, and qualified for state, however were unable to attend. “It’s [robotics] not super challenging or time consuming, its really just like a fun environment to come and build and express your creative side,” said Cole Thieme ’18. Window classes give students an opportunity to express themselves creatively, while also giving students at Prep opportunities to incorporate an exciting class to their school day.