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Women Speak Out in #MeToo Campaign

Quinn Losse, Staff Writer

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Since October of 2017, the #MeToo movement has gone viral on all different platforms of social media. Most prominently mentioned on Instagram and Facebook, this movement was created by black female activist Tarana Burke back in 2006. Its purpose is to allow victims of sexual harassment to raise their voices and allow others who have been through the experience to feel as though they are not alone. As a result, it has gained great popularity from Internet users all over the world who have come together in an effort to fight back against abusers and say #MeToo.

            Junior Chloe Maximo became aware of the movement when the widespread hashtag began appearing on her Instagram feed and when she talked about the issue of sexual harassment in her theology class. Maximo views the movement as being inspiring and a great opportunity for those who have been silenced to speak out. She stated that “it not only is letting people who have personally been assaulted talk about their experiences, but at the same time it is also educating young girls to know their boundaries and not be afraid to raise their voices.”

            Maya Ghali ’20 supports the movement and its purpose because of her beliefs that “sexual assault is not okay and will never be.”

Ghali was especially inspired after seeing influential figures at the Golden Globes wear black in solidarity for #MeToo, as well as for #TimesUp. She said that #MeToo is “a very powerful movement that has empowered women and brought them the courage to speak out about their stories of sexual assault.”

            Fletcher Weld ’19 saw the sudden rise in popularity of the #MeToo after it was revitalized with the numerous accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein back in 2017. These were shortly followed by additional allegations of sexual harassment targeted toward other producers and actors in the Hollywood scene. “I think that people should continue to come forward, but it is also time to act. Things will only change with our generation growing up in a world where sexual assault is not tolerated,” stated Weld.

            The #MeToo movement seems to be only the beginning of ending sexual harassment and has already made an astounding impact on females everywhere. Women have proven that they will not stay silent but will instead continue to stand up and speak out against the injustice.

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Quinn Losse, Staff Writer

Quinn Losse is a senior at Seattle Prep and this will be her third year on the staff of The Panther. She enjoys long walks on the beach and making mukbangs...

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Women Speak Out in #MeToo Campaign