Person, Place or Thing: Relics From Adelphia Hall


Sophie Freeman

An original stone from Adelphia Hall. Adelphia Hall was torn down in 2015 but many relics of the hall can still be found around campus.

Isabella Yuson, Staff Writer

Adelphia Hall, built in 1905, was an important part of Seattle Prep history. Unfortunately, due to its foundation not being able to survive earthquakes, it was demolished in 2015. However, the 110-year-old building will not be forgotten.

In four locations around campus, students, visitors, and alumni can see different parts from Adelphia Hall salvaged. The first place is located right on the 5th floor of AMH. The wooden slab underneath the staircase leading up to the Great Room is from the original building.

Two more places that have parts of the building is out on Steve and Nancy Rudolf field. If you look through the fence, you can see the foundation for Adelphia Hall. If you turn toward the bricks that are by the entrance, you will see that some bricks appear older than others. Those bricks are from the demolished building.

Finally, if you go by the brick chimney that is located on the plaza and take a left, right next to the bushes you can see an old wooden slab. The slab is the corner stone of Adelphia Hall. Engraved in the stone are the Roman Numeral for 1905, which again was the year when Adelphia Hall was created. If you want to see the building itself, there is a painting of it as you exit the garage.