The Spirit of Christmas at Seattle Prep

Maddie Deasy , Staff Writer

The Prep community has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. When asked, the Prep faculty and students mention the importance of intangible objects for example Liv McAuslan 20’ said she is “grateful that her parents allow her to play soccer at a high level”. This is a gift she can use for the rest of her life not just for a week after she receives it like some tangible gifts.

Jake Sype 21’ is “grateful for the new friends he has made this year and his family.” Being a new student is never easy but gifts like friends and family are there to help during the difficult times. Mr. Engel differs from the crowd by saying “he was thankful for his 10-foot iPhone charger.” Not the most sentimental thing to be thankful for but he seems to really love that phone charger. During the holiday season when presents are on the brain it is important to remember the things that really mean something. All gifts given mean something but sometimes the most special presents are the gifts that aren’t tangible.

People may appreciate objects like phone chargers and brand-new pair of Nikes but the things that really mean something are intangible. Emma Cooney 21’ said that one of her favorite holiday memories was when she went to Redmond Town Center to go ice skating. She said, “The rink was like plastic puzzle pieces that they sprayed with cold water.” She laughed about it for hours. Tessa Flor 20’ said that her favorite holiday experience was “going on a sleigh ride with my family.”

Moments like this make the holiday season special and memorable for a lot of the Seattle Prep community. The holidays are about more than what is under the tree on Christmas Day: the holiday season is about the experiences and the moments with family and friends. Those moments might be a part of what the Prep community is thankful for next year.