Interview with Notre Dame Commit Bea Franklin

Mark McClean, Staff Writer

With the Prep soccer season just beginning, junior Notre Dame commit Bea Franklin can’t wait for this young but talented girls soccer team to have a chance to prove themselves. Having already played two years for varsity soccer, Bea knows what it takes to win, and she believes this team can do a lot of that. When asked about how good this team could be this year, she said, ”I truly feel that this team can be a very special soccer team. We are pretty talented and young, but if we work hard, I believe that we can compete with any team in this state.

                    The team as a whole has set the bar pretty high this year, when asked about the team’s goals for this year, Bea said, “The goal is definitely to win state, and have a lot of fun doing it. Also, we want to create great memories we can look back on, and grow closer together as a team.”

                    Bea, who committed to Notre Dame three weeks ago for defense but plays forward for Prep, describes the recruiting process as, “It was slow in the beginning, there were a lot of times where I would call coaches and they wouldn’t know who I am. After awhile I started to gain some interest from colleges, and eventually I got the Notre Dame offer, which was always a dream. The recruiting process was definitely fun.”

                    When asked why she chose Notre Dame, Bea said, “It’s a great school and the coach is not only a great coach, but also a great person. I have had cousins that have gone there and they love it. Also, Jesse goes to Michigan and Notre Dame and Michigan are rivals.”

                    Obviously, even extremely athletic siblings still don’t mind a little sibling rivalry. Finally, we asked Bea, a three sport varsity athlete last year if her commitment meant that she was going to stop playing other sports. She said, “ Not really, I still plan on playing tennis for sure this year, and I am definitely considering playing basketball again this year. I still love basketball and tennis and I don’t think anything will change that.

                    Bea and the rest of the very talented girls soccer team are ready to make yet another run at the state title this year. Let’s help them on their journey and make sure we get out and support our lady Panthers soccer team.