Homecoming Asks Get Creative & Complicated

Tessa Zink and Clara Malone

Flowers, cakes, candy, and posters; homecoming is right around the corner. The celebration of homecoming comes along with a football game, spirit week, and the highly anticipated dance. Weeks before the dance people planned extravagant ways to ask someone to homecoming. This year’s most creative homecoming asks included a pizza given by Rowan Davis ‘21 to Cara Weigand ‘21 along with Davis reciting the pun “I know this is cheesy but will you go to homecoming with me?”

Not to be outdone, Chloe O’Meara ‘21 received a polaroid camera from Sam Carlson with the phrase “I couldn’t picture going to homecoming with out you.” On September 20, Paige Stanley ‘21 or better known as Magdelena in her Spanish 1 class, was asked by Matt Saludares ‘21. After previously discussing it with his teacher, Snr. Café, Saludares asked how to say “Will you go to homecoming with me?” In Spanish. Snr. Café explained and then Saludares, already knowing the answer and using a post-it note to refer to it, walked over to Stanley and proceeded to ask. He then gave her flowers and chocolates.

Senior Ashley Mah, decided to ask with a more unconventional way. She choreographed and planned a flash mob held at the O’Dea-Prep game on September 29, 2017. “It took about an hour and a half to choreograph it and planning was at least three weeks in advance” said Mah. The dance its self had 14-16 people in it and required practices both during lunch and window. The ask was a huge success, so many people found it entertaining, and above all creative!

During homecoming season people can get competitive and that’s where the concept of “swooping” comes along. Swooping is when someone is going to ask a person to a dance, in this case specifically homecoming, and someone else asks them first, and quite literally “swoops” in. “[swooping] is funny.” Said Paige Stanley ‘21. Others disagree and think that swooping is unfair, Will Gamroth ‘21 said “If the guy who is swooping knows the other guy is going to ask the person then it is not ok, or if your swooping just to make that person made it is also not ok. But if it’s a complete accident then it is ok, accidents happen” Gamroth explained.