SPREE 2015: Imagine

Mariella Saludares, Staff Writer

Prep’s annual SPREE auction is coming up– so mark it on your calendars. Friday, November 20, 2015 is the big day of the auction, which is led by the Co-Chairs Leigh Floyd and Marisa Jeakle. Both Co-Chairs have had children attend Seattle Prep, and they are the ones responsible for bringing this year’s SPREE auction to life.
The theme for the event is Imagine, a theme that tries to capture the essence of the creativity and intelligence of all the students that attend Seattle Prep. The auction items this year are very interesting, including vacation homes and travel, wine, tickets to sporting events, unique experiences, electronics, dinner parties, gift cards, cash donations, and even more. The possibilities are endless, and SPREE is still receiving loads of donations from the multiple generous sponsors which include Seattle University, Acura Lynnwood, Tommy Bahama, and Gary Merlino Construction.
Show your support for your school by helping out at the Imagine 2015 SPREE auction; it is in need of volunteers to help out on the day of the event. Volunteering is a great way to get involved, meet new families, and contribute to SPREE. There are many opportunities and ways to volunteer for the event, and SPREE could really use anyone’s help!
The Imagine SPREE auction of 2015 is predicted to have great success this year. The help of many hard workers, parents, and sponsors are sure going to make this event a huge achievement for Seattle Prep. Not only will the Prep community benefit from this auction, but it will bring our Prep community closer and more united as a Prep family.