Adelphia is Prep

David Ellinger

To the editor:

Thank you, as always, for introducing us to the new faculty. I always appreciate this service, particularly this year when you were so complete with the kitchen staff.

One editorial objection: contrary to the headline, Adelphia wasn’t removed “to make room for a new practice field.” Adelphia was removed because it was structurally sketchy in the event of a big earthquake. As someone who went through the 2001 quake while being in that building (one of the few, as it occurred during a state basketball-inspired late start), I can attest with experiential confidence that it seemed, at the very least, wobbly.

I find this clarification important because there are a lot of people for whom Adelphia IS Seattle Prep. Remember that while we associate Seattle Prep with Ignatius, the Commons, the Plaza, and our new building, none of these things were here even 20 years ago. Alums who visit the school and generously support us do despite the school home of their memories gone. I thank Kent Hickey and all those involved with the creation of our new building for naming it Adelphia Memorial Hall with this long-term sense of Seattle Prep in mind.

Keep up the great work. Go Panthers.


David Ellinger

Note: David Ellinger is a member of the Seattle Prep Math Department.  The headline referred to in the first paragraph was in the print edition of the Panther dated Aug. 31 2015.