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Do Prep Students feel safe at school?

October 16, 2018

Safety concerns have become more relevant every day. Between school shootings and threats, it can be difficult for students to feel safe and comfortable when they come to school. However, school threats are an issue and there is constantly news regarding school safety.

Student reactions to school safety are varied. “I don’t think about my safety a lot, I come in knowing that I am going to be safe,” said Dean Abenojar ‘20.

David Lopez-Kyprios ’19 said, “hearing about all the school shootings across the country and experiencing threats in our own community, I feel uncomfortable at school. I don’t think that Prep is necessarily doing something wrong, it’s just unsettling.”

The Prep administration are tackling this issue by continuously making changes to improve school security, this includes the new physical changes around Prep. Although some of these improvements may be seen as an inconvenience, all these changes are necessary in creating a safe community for Prep students. Alex Battle ‘21 commented on the AMH fourth floor door being locked, “I understand why they lock that door, but I also believe students should be able to access that door – whether it means remaining unlocked unless something suspicious occurs on campus or using a student ID to get access.”

Other students agree that the closing of the fourth-floor door isn’t helping make Prep safer. “I actually don’t like that the 4th-floor door is closed. I think it is pointless. I feel like an intruder won’t come up through that way anyways…in my opinion, it is creating an even more risk,” said David Lopez-Kyprios ’19.

Another opportunity that Prep uses to advance school safety are the fire drills and local communication and relationship with police. The administration believes that with consistent practice and good relationships with local officials, Prep can have and be prepared in case of an emergency.

As well as being safe physically, Prep acts as a haven for students. Students receive tremendous support and care from the faculty and staff. “I think that Prep is safe place emotionally, physically, and spiritually,” said Emi Nakata ’22. Nakata continued, “Prep cares deeply about safety. When I come to school here I feel that my safety is guaranteed.”

Prep faculty and staff work hard to make connections with students on a daily basis, which are fundamental in a secure environment. “There is always someone keeping watching out for us, and someone to talk to,” added Nakata.

Abenojar explained, “this is my third year at Prep, and I’ve never been in a situation at school where I’ve been concerned for my safety, and that’s because the faculty does everything they can to keep me safe.” Coming to school and feeling and being safe is a necessity, Prep makes that a reality.

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