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Campus Changes Seek to Improve Student Safety

September 25, 2018

Prep students have noticed new safety features all over campus. The Panther talked to Mr. Stearns to get the scoop about these changes.
The motivation for these changes was based in a constant goal of keeping Prep as safe as possible. The school brought in an outside auditor to check out the state of safety around campus. Generally, Prep is a very secure school, and has strict protocol to prevent any possible threats. One particularly controversial change is the closure of the fourth floor door to AMH. The result is a mass of students clogging the walkway outside the entrance to Adelphia. “We keep all of the doors that are facing the plaza unlocked during school hours, and all doors on the outside of the buildings locked during school hours. The fourth floor door was a sort-of grey area that we decided to make a change to this year.” Students are concerned about how this line to get in the building will work out during the colder, rainier months. Kellie Sommerville, ‘20 said “I am not looking forward to having to stand outside in the pouring rain trying to get to my class. I hope we can figure out a solution!” Many students are wary of this inconvenience and feel like it is a waste of time during the school day.
Teachers undergo training each year to maintain a consensus on how to best manage student safety at Prep. Mr. Stearns gives a presentation to make sure that all teachers are on the same page for lockdown, earthquake, and fire safety. So what is the biggest takeaway according to Mr. Stearns? “Prep is a very safe school for students emotionally, because of positive student-teacher connections. It’s very important that students understand to say something if they see something.”

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