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How to Be a Morning Person

November 3, 2017

Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest parts of the day, but unfortunately a requirement. Here are some tips to make mornings better:

  • Don’t wake up during a REM cycle

Waking up during a REM cycle or stage three in a person’s sleep cycle can and in most cases will make them feel tired and groggy. This is because the REM sleep and stage three of the sleep cycle are the deepest part of sleep. To avoid this, and feel less tired in the morning, people can use a sleep calculator or alarm such as or the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. These websites/apps calculate when to go to bed or wake up in order to avoid waking up in the middle of a REM cycle.

  • Set alarm to favorite song

By doing this, students may wake up light and happy with their favorite song playing in the background. This helps them get excited for the day and wake up a little. To take it one step further, having their alarm across the room will make them physically get up to turn it off.

  • Make bed!

Although this is something small, once the bed is made in the morning people will feel they have already accomplished one thing, causing them to feel more productive the whole day. And they get to come home to a nice clean bed!

  • Prep before bed

Figure out what to wear the next day, and better yet, set it out! This will make it easier to get up and go and it will save time in the morning. Other ways to prepare the night before include make or plan breakfast, make lunch for the next day; pack bags; and take a shower at night.



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