The Olympic Week Baking Contest showed Prepster’s ability to decorate and bake at the highest level.

Cake for Days

All of Prep was interested and excited for the new event, the Cooking Contest! The first ever theme for this competition was…Birthday Cake! There were so many amazing entries, including a fondant covered birthday present cake to a rainbow frosted cake with strawberry buttercream layering. This competition was able to showcase the amazing bakers Prep has, and was fun way for them to express their creativity.

Even though there were so many to choose one, the judges had to whittle away to the top three cakes. In the end, first place went to Loyola, with the Seniors in second and Bellarmine in third. Who knew the freshmen had such talented chefs? The competition ended with a bang, with free cake distributed to the rest of the student body during lunch the last day of Olympic Week. Prep will defiantly want this Olympic Week competition to stick around!