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Cost of Campus Safety

October 16, 2018

In America’s current situation regarding school shootings it is more important than ever, that extensive measures are taken to ensure the safety of students around the country. Although it is unfortunate, the truth is that school shootings have begun to grow very prevalent in the nation. There are many roots of the problem such as mental healthcare or lack thereof, as well as gun control laws that are possibly in need of reform. Unfortunately, the reality is that changes in these areas will not likely arrive soon enough for several reasons, leaving the lives of students in jeopardy. However, while our country struggles to come to an agreement on how to solve the issue of school safety, individual schools can take certain measures to reduce risk. As students may have noticed, Seattle Prep has begun to further consider the safety of students.

Mr. Burks, neighborhood prefect at Seattle Prep offered some information regarding how the school plans to protect the campus, and the reasoning behind some of those tactics. A main question posed by many students this year: why lock 4th floor door of AMH, while many other doors are unlocked. Mr. Burks explained that “nobody is keeping an eye on it”. However, that leaves many students wondering why none of the other doors are locked. Mr. Burkes also listed the backfield entry to McDonnel, and the roadside entry to Ignatius as locked. While no single entity makes these security decisions, Burks mentioned, decisions and solutions are “run through a bunch of folks” and that some security advisers came to the school in order to point out potential safety flaws regarding the school’s layout. As many students may recall, last year, members of Seattle Police Department were spotted at Seattle Prep on various occasions. He stated that unlike several public schools, we don’t have any police officers on campus.  Burks optimistically pointed out, through the meetings, the staff hoped to “get more friendly” with the police apartment in case of an emergency.


Despite causing time delays while transitioning in and out of classes, it is important to remember that the faculty makes all decisions in the best interests of the students. What is more important, a minor delay in arriving at the next class, or potentially saving student lives? Aside from implementing these safety features on our campus, it is vital that our faculty and students are aware of them in order to ensure optimal safety conditions for those learning and working at Seattle Prep. We live in a society where going to school holds danger, and until that changes, and the possibility of a threat must be on the minds of students. While it would be reassuring to say that there is no risk or threat to Seattle Prep, it has to be taken into account. At Seattle Prep our goal is to have such great safety conditions that they need not cross our mind.

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