Annie Bentley

Junior Annie Bentley's second place photo of the Senior Karaoke performance.

Olympic Week 2017

Each year, Seattle Prep students, faculty and staff compete in a variety of events which test their intellectual, physical, and emotional prowess. This tradition is Olympic Week.

Juniors Kick off Olympic Week with Opening Ceremonies Win
Seniors Triumph in New Human Foosball Event
Juana Collegio Prevails in Handball Championships

Hippopotamus Topples Tough Competition in Spelling Bee

Emma Cooney, Managing Editor

The annual spelling bee during Olympic Week 2017 was a tight competition to the end, with surprising moments and ultimately a win for senior Eliot Evans. Mr. Kiehn of the faculty and staff was devastatingly eliminated on the word hippopotamus, and junior Sophie Wolfson took second place overall. Mozzarella, unceremoniously, and abhor were some of the words these champs had to spell.

Cake for Days

Name That Tune

Lilly Thompson, Staff Writer

Name That Tune is always a crowd favorite at Olympic Week because of the impressive skill of its competitors, and the popular songs they have to guess. Competitors play six point rounds, where the name of a song and the artist count for one point each. Songs are played for about ten seconds, or until the first person has an answer. This year, players were especially adept at guessing songs of all...

Seniors Take the Win at Closing Ceremonies
Art Gallery Wows with Stained Glass Style Pieces
Olympic Week From a Bird’s Eye View
Kinect Dance Connects Students
Kent Topples the Competition in Jenga
Seniors Victorious in Thrilling Spike Ball Finale
Teachers Take Tug-of-War Title
Sing Your Heart Out
Hopkins Victorious in Olympic Week Ping Pong
Nakata Triumphs in Super Smash Bros

Prepsters Give Big with Canned Food and Dollar Bill Drive

Allison Kearney, Staff Writer

This year’s Olympic Week canned food and dollar bill drive were very successful. Prep students, faculty and staff were able to bring in more than 850 canned food items and more than $3,500. With an unexpected twist Loyola Collegio was able to snatch first place in both the dollar bill and canned food drive averaging more than $25 per person. Rahner Collegio came in second followed by the seniors...

Quiz Bowl Pits Panther Wits
Volleyball Crunch Time
A Joust to the Death
Upset! Faculty Beats Seniors in Basketball
Wiki Race Takes Students from Pokemon to Ford Motor Company