Olympic Week 2016 Feature

Each year, Seattle Prep takes one week to engage in a test of strength, wits, and spirit. Olympic Week brings out the best in Seattle Prep Spirit

Each year, Seattle Prep takes one week to engage in a test of strength, wits, and spirit. Olympic Week brings out the best in Seattle Prep Spirit.

Skits Highlight of Olympic Week Opening Ceremonies
Bellarmine Topples Competition in Jenga
Senior Height Bests Faculty for Basketball Gold
Seniors Rope First Place Win in Tug of War
Seniors ‘One Two Step’ to Karaoke Win
Closing Ceremonies Highlight Olympic Week
Brennan Nets Win Over Mitchell in Ping-Pong
Last Minute Goal Propels Seniors to Handball Win
Seniors Rise Above in Jousting
Tobin Repeats as Name That Tune Champion
Seniors Conquer Obstacle Course
Jogues Tops Seniors in Volleyball Win
Upperclassmen and Faculty Top Quiz Bowl
Techane Dances to Victory in Kinect

Juniors Dominate in Wiki Race

George Kent, Staff Writer

Carson Dauber ‘17 of Hopkins Collegio clinched first place in Wiki Race, Olympic week’s newest event in which contestants use Wikipedia’s blue hyperlinks to navigate from one article to a completely unrelated one as fast as possible using only the mouse. The event took place in room I-103 where onlookers could view the contestants’ progress projected on the big screen. Dauber took the win over...

Ultimate Art Winner

Gabi Jeakle, Staff Writer

The Olympic week art contest returned to using the windows around the commons as their canvases. Students were given four days to complete an artistic mini mural using sharpies. With 15 students all vying for spirit points, and the respect that accompanies the title of “Ultimate art winner.” This was one of the few events that lasted all week long. Some participants got an early start on Monday...

Nakata Races to MarioKart Win

Nathanial Post, Staff Writer

In this year’s video game event, Mario Kart Medley, it was a victory for the Juniors. Jarrid Nakata ’17 finished first in an extremely close race against a sophomore in Mario Kart 64, the specific version of the game chosen for the final match. After both competitors ran into the train going around the track and each pulled some lucky items, it was anyone’s game. However, it was one last red...

Trike Race Turns Plaza into Race Course

Mimi Parent, Staff Writer

The trike race was an exciting event that took place on Monday, the first day of events, at lunch. The race was on the plaza and the track went from the front of the stairs of McDonnell and ended at the doors of Adelphia. Contestants raced two at a time and the winner proceeded to the next round. Many people competed but the winner was Senior Evan Sarantinos and second place was freshman Mia Cerceo.

The Buzz on Spelling Bee

Emma Cooney, Staff Writer

Eliot Evans, Sarah Reuter, and Max Buchanan proved their exceptional knowledge of orthography (the study of correct spelling) when they advanced past the preliminary rounds of the Olympic Week spelling bee. Facing down words like chiasmus (reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases), poignant (keenly distressing to the feelings), and gerrymander (the dividing of a state or country...