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Paul Winebrenner
Paul Winebrenner is the Sports Editor for The Panther. Paul enjoys playing and composing Jazz piano music, watching movies that no one has ever heard of, (cause hey who watches Casablanca?) and learning how to fly. Paul survives on his ration of History, Precalc, Music in the Movies and Newspaper classes to survive the ordeal that is the school day. In addition to enjoying life in general Paul is famous for never writing more than a word of his articles in class, the legend gets it done on time though; he would like to inform the haters. Also known for his rare and usually ironic, hypocritical or simply off topic sense of humor, Paul generally just enjoys living life as it comes and doing all his homework by 6 so that he can help others while they struggle in the wee morning hours. Paul shows off his brilliant smile only sparingly, at which time he is informed that his mouth looks like the fake smiles on doggy denture commercials. Everyone seems to have a fun fact they prefer to say about Paul, but Paul's favorite fun fact about Paul? That shall remain a mystery.

Paul Winebrenner, Staff Writer

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