An Ode to Fashion: Ailbhe Killalea Profile 


Abby Wilwerding, Staff Writer

     “I’ve always been more into the creative side of things” stated senior Ailbhe Killalea, a student in AP Studio Art.   

     For Ailbhe’s theme, known amongst art students as an investigation, she has chosen fashion, in which she will submit 15 pieces surrounding chosen investigation. Noting that your investigation can change throughout the year, Killalea started out with using fashion prints and textures, but has shifted her works into a representation of the downsides of fashion, commenting on how “it’s often a toxic environment.”   

     She brings her works to life using canvas, mod podge, and spray paint, and has recently introduced 3D materials like denim and stitching. “I also use bird stencils, which is more of a personal touch than an ode to fashion.”   

     For Killalea, making art is a form of downtime and self-care, and she is thankful that the class provides time to explore and develop skills while getting school credit. “The teachers are super helpful and supportive and collaborating with other students is beneficial” she stated.   

     Killalea explained that art doesn’t feel like a burden like school often can, it’s more about finding inspiration. Some days I go without any inspiration and some days with, “I remember making 4 pieces one day in quarantine.”   

     Commenting on her short-lived clothing brand, 7hills, Killalea explained that “it was mainly just to put my artwork out there and gauge some interest, but I don’t normally post my art anywhere. It may be something I’ll do again in the future.”   

     Next school year, Killalea will be traveling overseas to Florence, Italy to start her 2-year NYU Florence program, studying the liberal arts core classes. After that, she plans to declare her major of fashion journalism back in New York, with hopes of someday becoming a fashion journalist. Fitting her appreciation for the fine arts, she has a dream of having an art collection as an adult.