Christmas Spirit Comes to Life at Snowflake Lane

Audrey Frigon, Managing Editor

Falling snow, merry music, glittering lights; ring in the holiday season with the most festive holiday parade Washington has to offer: Snowflake Lane. Hundreds of performers, dancers, musicians, and tech members work together to create downtown Bellevue’s most loved and celebrated holiday tradition.

The annual celebration brings everyone’s favorite holiday characters to life alongside stilt walkers, the color guard, drummers, and dancers. The show features the “Jingle Belles”, a troop of fifty dancers who turn the street into their stage. With candy cane umbrellas and rolling tables used as pedestals, these dancers are truly the epitome of festivity. Other holiday inspired characters, like the penguin and polar bear, dance around the streets to meet all the visitors of Snowflake Lane. are scattered throughout the street to meet their fans like the penguin and polar bear.

Grace Behrman ‘19 performed as a “Jinglelette”, one of Santa’s helpers who walk about the streets to dance with kids. Behrman’s interest in being a Snowflake Lane performer was sparked because of her family’s tradition to go every year. She was ecstatic when she learned she had become one of six “Jinglettes.” Her favorite part of her experience was the friendships she made. From blasting music in the dressing room to dancing and eating lots of candy Behrman greatly enjoyed her time as a “Jinglette”. I became very close with the girls” Behrman had a great time performing with her friends and putting smiles on the faces of hundreds of families and children. She said, “Snowflake lane is amazing, they do so much to make it different every year. The whole cast and crew put so much into the performance to make it the absolute best for the crowds. It was all amazing!”

A lot goes on behind the scenes of Snowflake Lane to make it so magical. Dylan Limp ’22, after winning at an auction, had the opportunity to go backstage and witness the secrets behind the magic. Limp said, “it was really fun, and everyone was so nice. It felt unreal.”  She was taken to the dressing rooms of the performers to see and participate in their pre-show preparations. She said, “you never know how much work goes into those things unless you are actually there and helping out.”

The parade is completely free and an experience that any holiday lover shouldn’t miss. Seattleites from all around can experience the magic of Christmas at Downtown Bellevue’s Snowflake Lane every night at 7 pm. Limp said everyone should “feel the Christmas spirit” at Snowflake lane!