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Ignite: Sparking the Way to Creativity

Isabella Yuson, Writer

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Ignite is an online arts journal created by Seattle Prep students sharing the accomplished work of the student body. Previously known as “Second Face,” Ignite accepts non-fiction, drawings, short fiction, paintings, poems, photographs, short films, prints, and comics. The staff is “excited to show the artistic side of Prep.”
This year, the staff decided to change the name, they said “The name Second Face seemed to indicate a secrecy, like a face behind your face, and we didn’t feel like that was what it meant to be an artist. Art is something to be proud of.”
Ms. Dotsey, the moderator of Ignite, also said that they wanted a title that showed their passion. Ignite spoke to what it feels like to be creative. She said that when something ignited, it marks the beginning of something. She also mentioned St. Ignatius’ famous saying, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” Dotsey said that Ignite wanted to do just that, rather than coming out of hiding in art as the title “Second Face” might indicate.
The staff of Ignite includes Sidney Kemp as Editor-in-Chief, Selome Zerai and Lilly Thompson as Associate Editors, Jules Hancock as Creative Writing Editor, Elias Carr and Luke Johnson as Visual Arts Editors, and Ms. Dotsey as moderator.
The Ignite content is online and not out in paper copies as they did previously. “It’s cheaper, more accessible, it is easier to get things out, and it is easier for people to read,” explained Hancock. Ms. Dotsey adds that things such as videos cannot be on paper but can be online.
The staff makes the final choice of whether a submission is put onto the website or not. Elias Carr, Luke Johnson, and Jules Hancock say they look for uniqueness, effort, and boldness in the works.
Ignite is a Window period meeting every other day on the first floor of Ignatius. Next year’s Ignite Window classes will look like this: In fall, Ms. Dotsey will offer poetry, fiction, and personal essay lessons and prompts for any students interested in developing as creative writers during Window period. In Spring’s Ignite Window, students will put together the Spring 2016 Ignite journal. Students may sign up for the Ignite Window for one or two semesters next year. “It’s not too much of a time commitment, like a class,” said Elias Carr.
Ms. Dotsey also suggests that anyone who is not a fan of creative writing but would like to learn to enjoy writing more should take this Window class. Additionally she says that since they are starting something new, there are a lot of opportunities for leadership. For people who want to develop as leaders, this can be the place.
When asked about the Spring 2016 edition of Ignite, Jules Hancock said, “We are hoping that people who love art will read it, and that people who aren’t really good at creative art will enjoy seeing what their friends do.”
To learn more about Ignite, go to, click on the Ignite link on the front page of

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Ignite: Sparking the Way to Creativity