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Staying Connected During Quarantine

Alianna Lugo ‘21, watches “The Office” at her home during quarantine.
Watching movies and TV shows can bring people together.

Clara Malone, Staff Writer

May 26, 2020

“Hey all you cool cats and kittens” Quarantine can be boring and lonely. But at times, it can also be an excellent opportunity to devote energy into something new. One way to transform boredom into a passion is through watching movies and T.V. shows. The following movies and shows are all on popular...

Teen Vogue Online Prom

Teen Vogue hosted an online prom for the class of 2020 on May 16. Teen Vogue also hopes to host other online celebrations as the school year winds down.

Raquel Wong, Staff Writer

May 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the social distancing rule upon the world. To reduce the virus from spreading and flatten the curve, many people find themselves unable to see friends and family. People are finding new innovative ways to stay working and connected. Students are adapting to regula...

COVID-19 Playlist

Kaitlyn King, Staff Writer

April 8, 2020

Being stuck inside especially during such a difficult time in our country’s history can be hard.  With all the negativity floating around the Corona Virus, sometimes just a little positivity is enough to make being inside feel better.   From a wide range of Tik Tok songs to dance to and Sad songs...

Music, the Mood, and the ‘Tude

Piper Wood, Staff Writer

March 18, 2020

"music has the words to describe what mood someone is feeling"

The Netflix Crisis

Addie Roza, Staff Writer

February 4, 2020

First it was the Carrie Diaries that vanished, then Pretty Little Liars, and now Friends! Netflix has slowly been removing some of its most popular tv shows. Avid Netflix watchers wonder: “How could they do this to us?”. Turns out, Netflix does not have a choice on keeping all their TV shows and...

The Holiday Happenings

Abby Allen and Natalie Nowak, Staff Writer

December 12, 2019

It became "an opportunity to learn more about a religion I know significantly less about.” Andrew Levinger '21

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Trees

Cece Brown, Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

But overall, Christmas trees account of 0.1% of someone’s carbon footprint. So, make sure to make a conscientious decision this holiday season.

Classic Christmas Movies for the Holiday Season

Cyrus Berger, Staff Writer

December 5, 2019

As the holidays approach, many people make watching certain movies a tradition, from classics to blockbusters to comedies. Below are some of the best Christmas movies and specials to watch this season.   It’s A Wonderful Life: This 1946 Frank Capra movie stars Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey...

Culture, A Key to Being Authentic

Jeffrey Go and Jack Coleman

November 20, 2019

“As human beings, we want to know and connect with each other. When we see or hear something that challenges our viewpoints, we seek to know that and where it is coming from,” said Weeks. There are so many different cultures in the world. Consequently, this mixing bowl of cultures has gradually seeped...

Prep’s Cultural Cookbook

Paige Stanley, Staff Writer

November 14, 2019

Whether it’s lumpia, arepas, spaghetti, schnitzel, baguettes, chai tea, and more, students at Prep have diverse pallets regarding their favorite family foods. While Prep students come from over 64 zip codes in the greater Seattle area, many students also come from different family heritages around...

World Language Teachers Recommend Dramatic, Historical Foreign Language Films

Cyrus Berger, Staff Writer

November 12, 2019

Foreign film suggestions from prep world language teachers ranged from surrealist short films to classic fairy tales to historical thrillers. Madame Mobarek, Prep’s new French teacher, recommended three films, starting with Jean Cocteau’s 1946 version of Beauty and the Beast (in French, La Belle...

Outdoor Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Kate Ridgeway, Staff Writer

October 18, 2019

According to a poll on the Seattle Prep Instagram, around 60% of Prep students prefer spending time outdoors as opposed to in the city. Summertime this easy, but once school starts back up and schedules begin to fill, it can often be hard to find the time to get outside, not to mention the find the perfect...

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